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Field Study Linen

I have always loved linen and more and more am realizing how very many uses there are for this illustrative base cloth. I am so pleased to introduce Field Study Linen, a concise collection of anything but ordinary artwork. You'll recognize some familiar forms from the Field Study family of fabrics, but Field Study Linen definitely has a mind of it's own with bold graphics, naturalistic florals and color, color, color! Three palettes, Charisma- Oil Painting- Technicolor, each spin a different mood for a collection of fabrics that ranges from large and crisp to small and sweet. I was so pleased to find how the very look of the artwork is enhanced and further naturalized, if you will, by the textured surface of the linen. A perfect marriage that makes these beauties suitable for patchwork, home decor, accessories, clothing and more. I can't wait to share my projects with you!- Anna Maria
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